Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Growing your bank balance

It is budget day the day before spring starts. Winter continues for some businesses - one in 8 are facing another year of tight cash. 

Brighter news is that over half of SME's are expecting to grow this year.

Whichever camp you are in it pays to produce regular cash flow forecasts.


  • A cash flow projection is generally divided into periods of weeks (done weekly for 12 weeks in advance) or months (for the next half or whole year).
  • You need to forecast realistically so that you can see any issues which are likely to arise early.
  • Make sure you make regular cash flow projections so you can make any financial arrangements for known expenses before you need the money.

What to include?

  • Opening and closing bank balances
  • Payments - you should be able to plan these very accurately
  • Receipts- always look at these prudently.
As a specialist financial advisor to marketing agencies and professional firms, I know that firms that forecast cash are always able to find the money they need and those who don't always seem to struggle.

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